Mentoring doesn't happen by default, but by design.

We are a faith-based nonprofit organization focused on mentoring for millennials and young professionals. We seek to create intergenerational relationships between:

  • Seasoned mentors who want to invest in the next generation of emerging leaders 

  • And emerging leaders who are hungry to grow and are seeking wisdom and counsel

We believe in The Multiplier Effect


It has been said that every person will make 10,000 personal impressions throughout the course of their lives. What if those impressions were more intentional? What if those impressions had a lasting impact? We call this the Multiplier Effect.

EDGE believes that every person has the ability to advance God’s Kingdom for the common good. We have this unique opportunity to influence our families, businesses and communities every day.

Through each mentor/mentee relationship, EDGE has the potential to impact millions of lives.

Influencing Families. Impacting Businesses. Improving Communities.

We are focused on creating one of the most influential mentoring organizations in the country because we believe in the profound effect that great leaders can have on society.

Elizabeth Henderson
Events & Experiences Coordinator

Dave Neff
President and CEO

Lisa Schmitz
Member Engagement Manager

Christina Donnell
Marketing Communications Coordinator