EDGE at Work


Grow as a team. Win as a team.

We believe that when companies invest in the growth and development of their people, everyone wins. That’s why we created EDGE at Work – a year-long leadership development program that brings the EDGE group mentoring experience into the workplace for employees and teams.



For the leader: 2 hours per week, including preparation for each meeting and check-ins with participants.
For participants: 4 hours per month, including the meetings and any additional reading or prep work.

EDGE Events

We highly encourage participants to attend our year-round events so they can meet the rest of our mentors and mentees! Learn more about our events here.

Ideal Participants

Group leaders should be present, humble, authentic, motivated, intentional and curious. Participants should be willing to be vulnerable and share their opinions and experiences openly with others in the group.

Materials Needed

The company should plan to purchase Enneagram access codes and copies of The Road Back to You by Ian Cron for all program participants.


Ready to grow as a team?