We're inviting 5 mentees to an exclusive EDGE Ambassador Dinner

  • Following the conference and the EDGE luncheon on October 7th, we will be hosting a special dinner for 150 central Indiana leaders and influencers later that evening.

  • We will invite the 5 EDGE mentees to the dinner (along with their spouses or significant others), who influence the most people in their network to join them at the EDGE|X Conference. 

Next steps To Become An EDGE|X Ambassador

Every mentee who becomes an ambassador will get a unique $49 discount code ($20 ticket) to share with their networks. Example for Dante Cook: edgexdantecook

Anyone who influences 2 or more purchases with their code will receive their EDGE|X ticket for free or have their purchase refunded.

In order to join as an EDGE|X Ambassador, click the button below to send us an email, saying "I'M IN" and we will email you back with a unique code. Or if you haven't purchased your ticket to the conference, follow the other link below.


One more reason to become an EDGE|X Ambassador...

EDGE|X provides one of the greatest and easiest opportunities to influence and impact your co-workers, friends, and family with a gospel-centered message, wrapped in amazing content. This conference may create an opportunity for a conversation that you've been wanting to have with them that you've desired but just haven't found the appropriate situation to have it... Just another reason to become an ambassador ;).