EDGE Mentoring is a national mentoring organization for emerging and established leaders.

Group Mentoring Program


This page serves as a resource for our current group mentors.

Getting Started

First, check out the Group Mentor Guide. This will walk you through some of the components that make EDGE unique, as well as provide answers to our most commonly asked questions. You'll also find best practices provided by our current mentors for launching your group.

To learn more about how the first year typically looks, check out the EDGE Group's First-Year Lifecycle and our Year One Call Plan.

First Activity

Once you've finished exploring the Group Mentor Guide, download the Lifeline Activity to share with your mentees. This should be the first activity your group walks through together.

What's Next?

If your group has completed the Lifeline Activity and is unsure of what topic to cover next, you can use our Topics Assessment to help guide you, or refer to our list of curated curriculum resources. 


edge venn diagram horizontal.png

EDGE sits at the intersection of work, home and faith.

These sometimes separated pieces of our lives come together through the EDGE experience.

Below, you'll find the resources we've curated for mentors to use when deciding the topics their groups will cover.