Senior Marketing Partner

What kind of impact has EDGE made on your life? 

EDGE filled the gap I was feeling in my heart for mentorship, community and discussion that spanned outside my close friend group and family. EDGE connected me to my mentor and six other amazing women who have locked arms in unity to grow in our faith, leadership, prayer life and openness. I always leave EDGE events with the larger community feeling fulfilled, joyful, enlightened and thankful.

How is EDGE helping you become a godly leader? 

It's so encouraging to be around a group of like-minded individuals who are all on the pursuit of professional and spiritual growth. In only four months, I feel I have grown in my community involvement, Christ-like perspectives and prayer life. 

Brooks Busch

Director of Sales

What are some noticeable benefits you've seen in your life since joining EDGE? 

It's easy for us as humans to believe that we know what is best for us, and what the right decision is for our own career. However, we forget that there are countless men and women who have come before us that have faced the same decisions. EDGE offers a sounding board of wisdom and knowledge centeredon our own faith. 

What is your relationship like with your mentor? 

EDGE does an incredible job of aligning mentees with mentors who share similar personality traits, professional goals and have life journeys and experiences that seem to align. What began as a relationship with someone who I respected professionally, continued to develop into a relationship that I can turn to in my best and worst moments for guidance. It is a relationship centered on faith, grace and complete trust. More importantly, it has grown into an unbreakable friendship.


George Thampy

Harvard Undergraduate &
Stanford Graduate Student


How has the EDGE community affected your life?

"It's valuable beyond measure to be part of an incredible community of believers who think deeply about faith and how it drives every personal interaction, every professional endeavor and every part of your life."



Executive VP of Account Services


Why did you decide to join EDGE?

EDGE seemed like a great place for me to learn what it means to be a good man and I want to continue to grow as a disciple of Christ, husband and executive. I think EDGE will be instrumental in all three of those areas. Learning from men who have either been around the block or who are going through the same things I am makes for an incredible opportunity for community and accountability.