Lisa Schmitz

HR Consultant, Performance Assessment network


What kind of impact has EDGE made on your life? 

It has given me a way to follow God’s call in giving back to a younger generation of up and coming leaders. It has strengthened my desire to live a godly life and to be a strong role model. It has also provided a new, spiritual, loving support system. These young ladies are blessing ME beyond measure!

What is your relationship like with your mentees? 

It is fulfilling, exciting, engaging, loving and very mutual in terms of the commitment to the relationship. Each of them are so different, yet have so many commonalities. The group is relatively new but has gelled and quickly become a tight knit group. I feel like I have gained seven daughters!


Adam Wright


Global Brand Director at Eli Lilly and Company

How Is EDGE helping you become a godly leader?

EDGE encourages me to pay it forward, and to pass on the things I've learned along the way, both big and small, from my success and failures. It helps remind me to keep Jesus at the center of my whole life. I have also learned from the other mentors, been exposed to phenomenal witnesses and examples of men and women leading a Christ-centered life in a corporate world. This is hugely inspiring and important to remember that the corporate hallways need Jesus just as much as the poverty-stricken villages.

What are the benefits you've gained in your own life since joining EDGE?

It's true that you learn more from the mentees than they will learn from you. My guys are incredibly mature, spiritually, and I continue to learn from their boldness and unwavering commitments to keep their faith in Christ at the forefront of every aspect of life.

Rex Fisher

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

“The main benefit of EDGE is getting to purposefully invest myself into something I am passionate about: mentoring. EDGE is a community where we have the opportunity to help others live purposefully into their passions, to show others how to do so, to jointly celebrate our victories and encourage each other to strive toward those passions in the face of adversity.”