Our Model

We create intergenerational relationships and forge deep community 

We pair 5-7 high caliber emerging leaders with successful business executives that are looking to share their wisdom with the previous generation. We carefully consider different group dynamics like location, industries, backgrounds, perspectives, personality traits and goals to create a dynamic group chemistry. Mentees often form life-long relationships with their EDGE groups as they journey through parenthood, career changes, hardships and joys together. 

We leverage technology and a proven framework for learning and growth

EDGE groups typically have two highly interactive calls per month via video call or a regular phone call. We rely on several key technology platforms (Slack, Google Hangouts and Zoom) that gives everyone the ability access and participate on calls from, wherever they are on any device. Mentors also meet with their mentees on a personal basis outside of the group calls to do hands on coaching.

We produce world class events and add value at every interaction

We don't do marketing like your typical not for profit organization.  We co-produce a world class leadership event with some of the top business leaders, coaches and entertainers. This past year we had nearly 2,000 live attendees and 19 remote locations for the event. We also host quarterly thought-leadership events, where we bring in industry experts to weigh in on topics most important to millennials.