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Taylor University and EDGE Mentoring have teamed up to help prepare and enable graduating students to land-well in life's next steps.

EDGE Mentoring provides a unique value proposition for emerging leaders by combining personal, professional, and spiritual development in one experience. We serve millennials and young professionals seeking mentorship and answers to life's most difficult questions surrounding relationships, careers, purpose, and faith.


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Brannon Johnson - EDGE MentEe - Taylor '16

What lead to your decision to apply to EDGE?

"Shortly after graduation from Taylor I was quickly introduced to the realities of the secular working world. What did I learn??… The relationships and community of “Corporate America” were MUCH different than anything I experienced at Taylor. In college, I had grown close to a small group of self-motivated, spiritually sensitive guys, who were passionately pursuing the Lord. After feeling what it was like to live “without” that for a few months, I jumped at the chance to join EDGE and regain those ties again." (Read more...)

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Melissa West - EDGE MentEe - Taylor '09

What would your advice be to new Taylor grads?

"Jump in with both feet! Get to know your group and invest in those relationships. Participate in the calls and meet your mentor for coffee. Invite others into your life and your growth as a young professional. The business world is a community, so make sure to have trusted advisors and peers to help you navigate the complexities of your career." (Read more...)

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Rob Wiley - EDGE Mentor - Taylor '96

What role has mentoring had in your development?

"Had I been left solely to my own devices, I would be an arrogant, self-centered, lonely, and insecure man.  While I still am encumbered by those characteristics to a degree, some combination of God’s grace along with kindness from friends and mentors, have helped me focus on “who I will become” rather than “what I will accomplish”.  Mentors have shown me tactically how to develop particular skills as well as modeled how to live life well regardless of circumstance.  I am grateful to my past, current, and future mentors who have guided me in my professional, personal, and spiritual formation." (Read more...)

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